How to Use Craigslist to Generate Local Leads

Online marketing has taken the genre of advertisement to a completely different level, leaving the conventional marketing strategies way behind. However, online marketing suffered from a major disadvantage for a long period of time; it was unable to generate the local marketing leads. Having a local team for marketing purposes has tremendous advantages. But it was not possible to segment the visitors and traffic by area because of the wide reach and scope of the websites.

Nevertheless, the launching of the social networking sites and the initiation of the region-wise online advertising led to the advent of different types of strategies that can be used to create local online marketing leads. These strategies can be used for building a localized team apart from the traditional marketing techniques such as attending the local events and the 3-foot rule.

There are different ways of generating the local marketing leads.

  • Advertising through the social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace
  • Advertising on PPC (pay per click) search engines
  • Advertising through online classified websites for ads

Here we are going to discuss the last mode of advertising i.e. online ad websites that are used by the people for searching a wide range of services and products that they intend to buy or sell. Topping this list is a classified ad website known by the name of Craigslist.

Craigslist is an online network that provides a central database (comprising forums and classified ads) to its users located across the globe. The items that are included in the database involve: advertisements for sale, job opportunities, subject-wise forums and personal ads. There is no fee levied on the users for viewing these classified ads; they will have to pay in case they are posting any job opportunity on the forums. Every other posting can be viewed for free.

Craigslist is a privately held company. It was established by Craig Newmark in the year 1995. Craigslist is used to cater to several local marketing needs such as virtual or in-person tutoring/training, consulting, workshops, affiliate marketing and alike. One can try different regions and cities to gauge the size of the market for his/her products and services.

You must be wondering whether using Craigslist is the most effective way of expanding your business. Then, ask yourself this question: ‘would you benefit from the listing being advertised in your local newspaper’? If your answer is an emphatic ‘yes’, then without thinking much, proceed to avail the benefits of Craigslist.

However, if your answer is in negative, then consider this question: would you like to explore the area of having a local listing in any of the local newspapers of any country of the world?’

In most likelihood, the second proposition will be greatly beneficial for your business. After all, the online revolution has brought the whole world into our homes – many people work as freelancers from their homes and their customers are located at different places of the world.

But all of us have local interests. When customers are searching for their respective listing in their local area, chances are high that they come across your ad posting that can work for your business.

So get in touch with US today and give your business that much needed boost!! Also, for all the consumers, this is the best platform to search for all your requirements.



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