Simple DIY Local SEO tips

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the most preferred strategy to upsurge the number of visitors to your website by enhancing your online ranking in the search engines.

When your target audience is specific to a particular geographical area, then the kind of SEO strategy used is defined as Local SEO.

There are many ways by which the local SEO for your specific business could be done, to spot exactly YOU. Let’s discuss some of the top scoring, simple, do it yourself kind of steps to ensure that Local SEO is done seamlessly.

The first step towards getting started is to decide if Local SEO is your best strategy towards getting more customers, provided your business is limited to a geographical location. Once the strategy of local SEO is chosen, there are a whole lot of things that come into play! Let us get the basics right.

Fix your website:

Customers can identify you through their online search if and only if you have a well-designed and maintained website. Even if you prefer face to face dealings, it is most recommended that a well-designed website for your business is in place and updated frequently for information search. The one who has more information about your business, is more likely to visit the store/deal with you in person. Ensure the information required like name, address, contact, operating hours and email are properly updated.

Responsive design for your website:

Essential details might be available on your website, but when the website design is not responsive, that is if a customer is unable to spot the most essential information due to complex structures and designing, then it is definitely not going to fetch your business. Instead, a very simple, straight forward website of your competitor would be preferred. Be wise in choosing your website design. If you run an organic store in Atlanta, be specific about the location in your design and keep it simple. Too much of data creates an illusion that it is complicated and the customers might not have the time to sit and read through, though you deserve!

Social connections:

Once a website is in place and the design is apt and forms a part of the search list, what one should do is establish social connections. The more your social appearance, the more are your reviews, resulting in more connections and definitely in more business! Be connected through social media. A profile of your organic store, for example, must be reviewed by social media review sites which are popular, and commonly used by the people in that locality. Example: Yelp, Bing, ratings in Facebook and more. Do a bit of survey on review sites too to get a clear picture.

Personalize your website for more results:

Add quality images of your business, emphasize your logo that reflects your core value, let the keyword and location be a part of every content page, embed a google map to spot you right. Some areas where you can emphasize on the location and the business are the meta description and Page URL. Work on them. Frame links and build on them as you progress. Be consistent in the citations and take it slow. Too many citations and inconsistent data will take you nowhere, beware!

Master these key DIY steps to Local SEO and score businesses in no time! Happy working!

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