How to apply public relations in an event for marketing purposes

Public Relation is an asset that every marketing team should have. It applies to all situations and events where image is everything. Mostly, PR is useful in networking events and also on social forums. PR is a strong driving force and the faster you grasp and fuse it into marketing the faster your business expands.

I attended a networking effect last week which was organized by a group of young entrepreneurs. My aim was to meet different people, mix with them, mingle and find leads, make contacts and create opportunities for making cash. There were about 200 people who attended the event and everything is clear in my mind because I can tell that this event was different from others that I had attended before. Everybody was looked focused, with a face of self-awareness. There was no ‘right moment’ to engage, everybody seized the smallest opportunity to make their presence recognized.

Within a few minutes of chit-chatting, I realized that image was everything in business – not only in papers, magazines, and TV! I have been in business for quite some time, and I completely understand how people usually get their publicity. And as they say, ‘all publicity is good publicity’ – there is nothing as “bad publicity,” and I agree. And therefore I realized that public relations also do apply in such events and those people who were good at it were actually ripping more than the others.

Here are some of the PR skills and tricks that you can apply in networking or a social event:

Learn to listen and interact

To be a good publicist, you must master the art of listening! The worst thing you can do in such event is to talk so much and ask irrelevant questions at the end, meaning there was no conversation. Best publicists know how to listen and respond in a way that drives a conversation towards the right direction. It involves being in control of yourself and being in a position to correctly and eloquently articulate your ideas to the other party. Employ open-ended questions that will leave people thinking about a variety of possibilities.

Maintain an eye contact

This is common sense! You don’t want to look like a dummy to other people. I realized that in this event, few people were able to make an eye-to-eye contact with me. I don’t know why they were afraid to look direct into my aquamarine eyes, but I could tell that deep inside, they were hiding something. Maybe they had precious information that would have made an impact on my thinking or in my business. Anyway, never mind, my point is, always try as much as possible to make an eye contact when driving a conversation.

Choose your wardrobe wisely

It is important to be cautious of what you wear because your image is everything. I happened to meet some guys who looked like that had just dropped from the gym. I can tell a creative person from the way they dress. By the way, I realized that after you meet with a person, they only thing they about you is how you dressed, how you smelled and how you talked. It might sound a bit shallow but is good to create a good perception about you while engaging with other people and there is no better way than to do it through the dressing.

Finally, let it be about the other person and not you. Don’t start by giving your credentials and the number of cars or businesses, let it be about them. Listen to their story. Many people want to be heard, and that takes us back to the first point, be a good listener, be authentic and you will successfully connect t many people. PR is not hard to learn, just be yourself and talk about what you know.

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