Our Story

We are a reputable marketing agency with plans and strategies that are motivated by the demand or expectation of customers. Also, our agency is concerned in yielding a greater result and originality. Spotlight media international was formed for clients by clients and has an experience of more than 20 years in marketing development and advancement. We boost the strength of our company, curb and prevent risk and most importantly search for growth. We are a result oriented agency ranging from brand/business awareness, boosting your sales margin to boosting the volumes of your call. We are a well-grounded marketing agency with credible marketing approach and it’s our utmost priority to boost the strength and success of your company according to your desired vision. This is Spotlight media, the game changers of the marketing industry.

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.


Walter Cueva

Founder, CEO

Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey

Partner, CXO


Rommel Derecho

VP, Director of Media


David Cueva

Database Marketing Analyst

Aaron copy

Aaron Bowman

Marketing Specialist


Sharday Bailey

HR Director


Ian Slater

Director of Business Development

Our Mission

At SMI, our main focus and desire is to provide a good, efficient and reliable customer service to any of our clients so as to teach and guide them through the process of finding an effective solution to their marketing needs. We strongly believe in making available a safe and friendly working condition for our staff as well as inspiring them to potently believe in the mission of the company and offering them the chance for growing professionally.

Our Passion

To create a better world than the one we met and we aim in achieving that through the use of our business to inspire, initiate and implement solutions to numerous crises facing the world today. We’re committed to donating our services, time and 10% of our profit to various charitable organizations.

We’ve put in place a mentorship program named Big Brothers Big Sisters and our aim is to have our staff and Chief Executive donate their time in mentoring young ones because we truly believe that they are the future of tomorrow. We’re determined to make sure that these young ones have a great start.

At SMI, we encourage, preach and promote entrepreneurship; we make honest efforts in encouraging every staff in our agency to chase their dreams as we are out to offer a financial aid.

Spotlight Media International is trusted by clients and companies worldwide

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