We are a flexible agency that provides marketing and advertising.

Strategy Solutions

Our solutions are comprised of your unique brand and one of our many strategy channels which include: Radio/Digital Audio, Television, Print, Digital Media strategies and more.

Marketing & Research

We work flexibly with clients to fulfill their marketing needs. Whether you need to create a brand completely from scratch or are looking for a strategy refresh, we are confident that you and your team will be satisfied with the results. A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges through our professional services.

Web Development

Our web development team are here to give you the website you deserve. Services include cloud hosting, SEO optimization, responsive and mobile friendly design.


Radio Ads

Radio ads are not costly, but a very high yielding means by which a business can reach out to specific consumers. Radio ads spice up some kind of feelings in the listeners which makes them to see your advert as a very important one to them. This leads to a valuable improvement in creating awareness for your market, sales and service.

National Syndicated, Remnant, & Local Radio
Sirius/XM (Satellite)  &  Pandora / Spotify
Streaming & Podcasting
Per Inquiry Radio  &  Spanish Radio 


Having your business advertised on TV helps you in creating awareness to a large number of people. You can put up your product in a video with an all singing or dancing action and also ensure that the video explains the benefits of the product and shows off its packaging so that would-be customers will know exactly what to look out for when they come to buy the product.

National Cable  &  Syndication
Spot Cable  &  Local Broadcast
:10 Second Syndicated Spots  &  Per Inquiry TV
National or Local Direct Response


The print media gives a quick and reliable turnover and helps you in having your copy or advert in your desired section within some days. You can promote the value of your business or product in any available print media. We are capable of efficient planning, buying and management of productive print media campaigns for any business so as to help them reach them reach to their desired audience thereby preventing wastage in adverts.

National Consumer Magazines
Business Publications  &  Newspapers
Yellow Pages  &  Billboards


At SMI, we have a section that is responsible of the digital marketplace. Our focus is to make sure that your search engine optimization, pay per click and online offerings gain their deserved and required attention. All you need to do is to make us in-charge of your normal campaigns and develop an effective shop for your digital needs. Also, we can combine both your online and offline business so as to help you achieve your Return on Investment goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click  &  Innovative Social Media Strategies
Professionally Manage Social Media Accounts
Facebook, Instragram & Twitter Campaigns

Some of Our Work


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